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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents should I keep handy before filling up the application form?

You should keep your PAN card and Aadhar card handy before you start your application process.

I want to re-apply for a position. After how many days can I do it?

You can re-apply for a position after a period of 07 working days.

Can I apply in a language other than English?

The applicant form can only be filled in English language.

I want to re-apply for a position. Can I?

Yes, you can re-apply for a position after a cooling period of 7 working days.

While filling out the application form, my network went off/system got stuck. Can I restart from where I left off?

No, you must fill in the application form from the beginning.

I need to understand more about the role. How do I do that?

Please visit our career page and search for the job role you are applying for.

Is this a work-from-home job?

Currently, this is a work-from-office role. You really don’t want to miss the cool vibes at our office.

If I have a reference of someone working at Concentrix, will that help my candidature?

Yes, you can get referred by your friend working in Concentrix. Of course, it gives your candidature a sense of authority, but it does not guarantee a job.