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Process Specific Assessments

Time to find a niche for you.

Based on your tests scores, you will be directed to the next set of online evaluations. It can be either any two of the following:

  • Versant Test
  • Typing
  • General aptitude
  • Technical skills test

Frequently Asked Questions

What is versant test?
It is a test to check your communication skills. You must listen and speak paragraphs in English and also attend few sentence formations and grammar questions.
How to ace the versant test?
Practice your English-speaking skills and try to listen short videos in English language to understand if you can decipher the words perfectly.
What is the passing range for the typing speed?
The passing range varies according to the processes.
How to ace the typing test?
To improve your typing speed and accuracy, regular practice is key. You can use online typing tutorials, typing software, or typing games to enhance your skills. Focus on proper finger placement, rhythm, and gradually increase your speed while maintaining accuracy.
Can I use auto-correct or spell check during my typing test?
No, you cannot use any kind of automation software during the test.
What is a General Aptitude Test?
A General Aptitude Test includes verbal, numerical, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. It is used to evaluate your potential to perform well in various job roles.
What type of questions can I expect in the general aptitude test?
General aptitude tests typically include questions related to verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, logical reasoning, and problem-solving. These questions may involve interpreting passages, solving mathematical problems, identifying patterns, and making logical deductions.
What is the duration of the process specific tests?
The duration of the tests depends on the specific processes but mostly, it is around 20 minutes.
Are these tests the same as AMCAT exam?
No, this is a process specific test whereas AMCAT is common for all the candidates.