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Digital Self Assessment

Now’s the time for an online test.

This test is primarily to gauge your proficiency in English. The test differs basis your choice of profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this test about?

The test is based on your reading, speaking, writing and comprehension skills in English language.

What is the time duration of this test?

The total time duration for the test is 20 mins.

How can I prepare better?

The test scores on your ability to effectively – speak, Write, comprehend English language. So, brush up your pronunciation & English Grammar skills. Also check out some of the videos on dos and don’ts of this assessment, and tips to help you crack this test.

What are some dos and don’ts I need to keep in mind before attempting self-assessment?

Before starting your test, here are few important points to consider:

  • You can take your assessment on laptop, desktop, mobile phone and tablet.
  • You will need a working webcam & headphones.
  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome (version 50 and above) or Mozilla Firefox (version 50 and above) only.
  • It’s a good idea to disable all notifications (email, text, etc) while you are taking a test.
  • If your text stops in between, wait for 5 mins and re login using the same details.

Your activities will be constantly monitored and observed.

  • Do not Switch off your camera.
  • Don’t skip any questions.
  • Don’t click on module exit or exit test.
  • Don’t open any other window, switch screens, or take screenshots. It will immediately close your assessment.
I don’t have a laptop. Can I still take this test?

You can take your assessment on laptop, desktop, mobile phone and tablet.

I can’t take this test right now. Can I schedule it later?

Yes, you can schedule the test for a later date. You will receive a mail with the link according to your selected date and time.

Is there an application I can download to give this assessment test on mobile?

You can complete our assessment on one of the following mobile devices by downloading our online assessment App - "SHL" as well.

What is the system/browser requirements to take the exam?

Browser/OS Requirements: This Assessment is best-supported by the below-listed Browsers/Versions only.

  • Google Chrome (version 50 and above, latest version is preferred)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 50.0 and above, latest version is preferred)
My test got interrupted in between due to a network error/connectivity issue. What do I do?

If your test gets stuck/stalled at any point, there is a ‘Resume Incomplete Test’ option that will enable you to restart the test at the same place where you got stuck. The resume test functionality will only be available till two hours of your test being stopped.

I couldn’t clear my test last time I took it. When can I attempt it again?

You can attempt the test again after a span of 7 working days.

I have taken the self-assessment and got my score as well. What next?

You will receive a mail with the link for the next round of assessment if you are qualified. If you are not qualified, you will be notified that you need to try again for the test after a span of 7 days.