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Embracing the Extraordinary: Varied work profiles offered by Industry

Led by automation & digital-first experience, The BPM industry has gone through a massive
transformation over the last few years. Unlike the preconceived notion that customer service is just
about talking to customers over voice based or messaging channels, the BPM has now evolved to
managing end-to-end customer journey on primarily digital platforms. They are now offering tech
infused services and solutions that are led by analytics, technology, and cutting-edge tools.

With this transformation, the need for talent with specific skillsets have also changed. While BPM
continues to hire CX experts who can interact with customers, the are now also seeking talent with
specialization into specific domain or technology. And since the demand for such talent is much higher
than the availability, they are making significant investments in upskilling & training their existing
workforce, making them specialize in these domains. Let’s look at the roles which are most in demand

1. Content Moderation Experts
In today's digital age, content moderation experts have become instrumental in cultivating safe and
positive online spaces. These professionals meticulously review and moderate user-generated content,
enforcing community guidelines and fostering inclusivity. Their attention to detail, empathy, and fair
judgment contribute to the creation of online ecosystems that promote respect and safety.

2. IT Experts
The BPM industry attracts a range of IT experts, proficient in resolving technical issues and excelling in
troubleshooting. Whether providing hardware or software support, managing networks, or bolstering
cybersecurity, these professionals exhibit a mastery of the digital realm. Their expertise is instrumental
in ensuring smooth operations and enhancing the digital experiences of clients and end-users.

3. Mutual Fund Experts
Mutual fund experts serve as trusted guides, adept at navigating the intricate world of investments.
Armed with in-depth knowledge of market trends, they provide valuable advice to clients, helping them
construct robust financial portfolios. These experts possess analytical acumen and offer insightful
strategies, contributing to the financial success of individuals and businesses alike.

4. KYC, AML & Risk Management Experts
KYC (Know Your Customer / Client) is a mandatory process of identifying and verifying the client's
identity when opening an account and periodically over time. A complete KYC process includes a long
repository of compliances, verification, modification, screening, and risk analysis processes. In the ever-
evolving business landscape, risk management has emerged as a vital component of success. BPM
industry professionals adept in risk management possess the skills to analyze market trends, conduct
risk assessments, and develop contingency plans. With their ability to anticipate challenges and provide
proactive solutions, these experts safeguard the interests of organizations, ensuring seamless
operations even in the face of uncertainty.

5. Foreign Language Experts: Bridging Global Communication Gaps
The BPM industry embraces the diversity of global communication through the expertise of foreign
language specialists. These professionals play a pivotal role in bridging cultural and linguistic gaps.
Whether it be offering translation services, facilitating multilingual customer support, or fostering cross-
border collaborations, foreign language experts celebrate the beauty of cultural exchange, connecting
people from around the world.

6. Insurance Experts
Insurance experts assume significant roles in safeguarding lives and assets. Their expertise lies in guiding
individuals and businesses through the intricacies of insurance policies. These professionals provide
invaluable advice on coverage options, assist in claim processing, and offer support during challenging
times. By ensuring peace of mind, insurance experts make a profound impact on the well-being of those
they serve.