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Jump-starting my career to giving it wings - The growth industry

Some plan their professional journey meticulously. From school itself, they are sure of what they want
to become. Few succeed in following their passion, unfortunately few don’t.

For most, having a career in BPM sector does not feature in “what will I become when I grow up plan”.
And honestly, it wasn’t the case for me either. With the organic path my career took, and now having
spent over 20 years in the industry, I wonder at times why that was? Hold on. Hear me out and I’ll prove
my point.

The BPM industry has been on a growth path for the last 15 years. In the last few years, this growth has
been fueled with tech infusion on digital services, AI & big data analytics, DevOps, RPA, blockchain,
AR/VR and much more.

It’s no longer a typical customer service industry, but one that provides out-of-the-world experiences to
customers around the world.

And India is at the center of it all.

Industry Growth
Projected ~10% CAGR growth till 2029 - A robust industry that continues to grow significantly. And when
your company grows, you grow with it.

India is the leading country with 55% market share. India also has the fastest growth domestic market
Largest employer of women in private sector (India)

What’s in it for young professionals or freshers?
Interestingly, this is one industry that continues to be a pioneer in ensuring staff wellness, engagement,
and their upskilling. As per NASSCOM, a leading industry body for BPM sector, the gap between the
demand & supply of digitally skilled talent is widening. India’s demand for Digital Talent jobs is
approximately 8x larger than the size of its fresh talent pool. By 2024, this demand is expected to
become 20x the available fresh talent pool.

At Concentrix, for example, there are some amazing learning, development & re-skilling opportunities
that are provided for staff so that they can migrate from being a generalist & become a specialist in key
growth & demand domains.

What’s in store for the future?
BPM industry, and Concentrix specifically, continues to be fanatical towards growth of its staff, business,
and their clients. Strategic investments in building digital-first capabilities both organically and
inorganically continues to be the focus area, and work towards which has made Concentrix the number
one brand & company in the BPM space.

Adoption of advanced analytics, RPA and generative AI is reaching the next level. As a professional, it
will ensure that you as a talent is ready to for the wave of transformation, and the opportunities it’ll