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Looking for fresher jobs in your city? Learn more about the jobs you can apply for.

We all must start somewhere. Then why not start with the best? Begin your career journey with
Concentrix and unleash the true potential of your talent.

Graduate jobs

Post Graduate jobs

Tech support jobs for freshers

Multi-Lingual jobs (Indian & foreign languages)

Work you’ll do:

Working at Concentrix means there’s no dull moment! You get to work on a diverse set of profiles that is
challenging, but fun and satisfying. Do you love solving problems? Then this is the place to be. Work for
a few of the biggest & aspirational brands of the world & their customers directly.

At Concentrix, we've created a culture where exceptional people, just like you, can build the career
they've always imagined. Join us.

CX Experts
Interact, enthrall, and solve exciting problems for customers of world’s biggest brands over phone, chat,
and email. Everyday brings something new and unique. The only constant is the thrill of being able to
solve a challenge or make someone’s day.

Content Moderation
Put your keen eye for detailing into action. Build a career in delivering a cleaner & safer online
experience for world’s largest social media, gaming & e-Commerce platforms. Blended with artificial
intelligence and automation, this role helps keep our online community safe.

Love crunching numbers? Then analytics is the profile for you. Through technology, Business
Intelligence, and generative AI, analyze customer journeys and behaviors to discover patterns that
impact business outcomes.

IT Services, Network & Infrastructure
Want to become an IT expert? Join our tech team! This is more of a specialist role in which you will be
resolving technical issues, providing hardware or software support, managing networks, or bolstering

Transaction monitoring, Fintech services
Analyzing market trends, mitigating risks, and delivering exceptional customer experience are the key
requirements of this profile. You will be working as a KYC expert, an Anti-money laundering specialist or
closely monitoring and managing digital transactions globally.

Build Your Best Tomorrow

We ask staff to give us their best, and we're committed to doing the same.

Global Community
With ​​​​​​​300K+ staff across more than 40 countries, our business is borderless. That means you'll have the
support, confidence, and platform that comes with a truly global team.

Transforming CX
​​​​​We support 750+ of the world's best brands and dream up the CX tech and innovations of tomorrow.
With 100+ clients on the Fortune Global 500 list, we are the future of CX.

​​​​Global Impact
We have the platform and responsibility to deliver massive impacts for our clients, staff, and the world
through our ESG commitments. We're committed to building a better tomorrow.

People First
As a five billion-dollar publicly traded company (CNXC), we know that when we put our people first,
business thrives. You'll find the runway and resources to build the career you've always imagined.