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Customer Support Advisors Kolkata

Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduates can only apply.
  • Experiences preferred. Freshers can apply.
  • Excellent written English skills.
Kolkata Posted 8 days ago
Open Positions 135
Customer Support Advisors Gurgaon

Eligibility Requirements

  • Undergraduates & graduates can apply.
  • Experiences preferred. Freshers can apply.
  • Excellent English communication skills
Gurgaon Posted 14 days ago
Open Positions 125
Customer Support Advisors Chandigarh

Eligibility Requirements

  • Only graduates can apply.
  • Freshers are welcome. Experience preferred.
  • Excellent voice communication skills.
Chandigarh Posted 20 days ago
Open Positions 70
Customer Support Advisors Gurgaon

Eligibility Requirements

  • Undergraduates & graduates can apply.
  • Experiences preferred. Freshers can apply.
  • Italian B2 Certified.
Gurgaon Posted 82 days ago
Open Positions 120
Senior Advisor Technical Support - Gurgaon

Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduates can apply.
  • Minimum 1 year of Technical experience is required.
  • Excellent English communication skills
Gurgaon Posted 84 days ago
Open Positions 120


customer support jobs

Have you ever considered it possible to build a career out of helping businesses grow? Well, that is a possibility now with jobs in Customer support. At Concentrix, jobs in customer support offer a unique mixing pot of learning experience and global exposure for our employees. As providers of customer experience solutions with global recognition, there are a wide range of customer support jobs for you to choose from at Concentrix.


Q: What are customer support jobs?

As a Customer Support Advisor at Concentrix you have extensive interaction with customers from across the globe. You will be fielding queries from customers about the products and services of various companies that they will be using. There will also be issues for troubleshooting that you will have to guide them through. Basically, by satisfactorily handling customer inquiries you will be helping companies build, expand and retain their customer base.

Q: What are the jobs offered by Concentrix?

At Concentrix our job of Customer Support Advisor covers a wide range of fields from offering technical support for servers, content moderation, sales, food industry…to name a few. No matter what your field of expertise is, we have jobs for each. Depending on your qualifications, skills and field of interest, you can choose a role that is in sync with your career goals.

Q: What qualifications do I need to apply for a customer support job?

While the specific qualifications will be different for each post as per the profile, we require all our candidates applying for openings in customer support to meet some basic criteria:
  • Must have a graduate degree
  • Have excellent communication skills - both verbal and written
  • Be enterprising and up to taking up challenges
  • Willing to work with a dynamic team in an inclusive environment
  • Be open to learning and be trainable for expanding basic skill sets
  • Must have a sharp eye for detail
  • Strong probing and problem solving skills
  • Keen inclination towards customer support orientation
  • Open to working in a fast-paced work space

Q: What are the growth opportunities at Concentrix?

At Concentrix, we are committed to helping our employees create and become a better version of themselves. With our wide range of in-house training modules, they get the opportunity to grow and explore better avenues within the vast customer support sector. When you work with us, no effort goes unrecognised with attractive performance based incentives being offered for innovation in the method of working and taking initiative in their dealing with customer support cases. So, if your dream is to make it big in the customer support sector, join us and let us help you reach your career goals.
At Concentrix we offer you the chance to use your skill set and make a difference in the lives of customers in India and worldwide. So visit us at and select a job description that best suits your ambition and qualifications. Send us your resume and join hands with us to become a part of our extensive Concentrix family.